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good vs. avoid

As someone who is still going through a very steep learning phase regarding all things solar/power wall, there have been many time I have been looking at cells/battery packs, and other products and asking myself is this product good or crap?

I was wondering if there could be a sticky thread/threads (or similar concept) created where something like a list of good cell brands vs. cell brands to avoid (fakes, poor quality, whatever) could be maintained.  I'm sure there are tons of very legit Chinese (Asian) and European brands and generics that are totally unfamiliar names in other parts of the world.  

This is a different idea than the cell identification thread.

I could extend this to many other items (desktop power supplies, charge controllers, legit ebay, amazon, & Alibaba sellers etc.), but worth keeping it limited for now.

Just an idea,

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This gives me an interesting idea. What if we had a star rating system on the cell database page similar to how when you're viewing a forum, each thread has a star rating that you can click and add your rating. We can collect these ratings, average them out, then you can sort the cell database page by rating, quickly finding those we all agree on are "high quality". Since this would work on an average, just like thread ratings, it would take into account everyone's' feedback rather than just one person's opinion on what's good/bad.

Comments, reviews, feedback, etc are all welcome in the individual cell threads. That's what they are there for Smile
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On cells i think its good but questions is. Should you rate the cells after what you find in the 2nd hand pile or as new cells? Thats a huge difference.

Regarding products itself it can be tricky to. Just because a device doesnt have high efficiency it may not be a bad product for one person that may not have the money to buy the most expensive one Smile

With that said i think its still good but it can be hard to star many of the products that we use. Comparing for instance MPP solar products with Victron or Outback or SMA is quite difference. But if we take in the price its something else Smile
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Hi again,

Perhaps this is being over thought. What I was really thinking was about brands, not individual products.

I think most people know that Samsung, LG, Sony are good brands, and can reasonably expect their products to be good. However, as a newcomer, I know nothing about BAK, PK and 100's of others that I come across.

Daromer mentioned Victron, Outback, and SMA. For me all 3 are names that I (maybe others) know nothing about. It would be nice to know just basically, that if I chose a product from them it would be OK and not junk that will fail in a year.

People still need to understand and choose which products fit their individual needs and situation. That would be way too hard to figure out/manage, and is better probably asked as a direct question in the forum.

That sound simple if you ask me and thats where i would put it. Ie branded stuff that generally are better than others Smile
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