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World Solar Challenge 2017
Any one else interested in the Darwin to Adelaide WSC race?

There's a little over a month to go for the 2017 race. A lot of very sleek cars this year.

I am partial to the Western Sydney University entry, as I know some of the team and have drooled over the car in person. ..if I can find a decent image hosting company that actually works, since Photophucket decided to suck, then I have a bunch of pics that show how amazing these machines really are.

They're 18650 powered with a solar array. I haven't got specifics for the battery, but can ask if anyone is interested.

This will be the third entry for the Western Sydney University team.

Their first car, Solace competed in the 2013 race but was hindered by several tyre blowouts and resulting fairing damage, which hurt aerodynamics.

Their second entry, Unlimited (2015 race), was an absolute flyer. ..before suspension failure leading to a crash. Still managed to finish in the top 10 (of 40 teams).

This time, they field Unlimited 2.0, which I know is a less than inspired name... but it's one hell of a car! The goal is for a top 5 finish this year.

There are entrants from many different countries, so find a team and get behind them!!

While I am partial to the WSU team, one look at the Tokai and Kogakuin University teams and you will know they mean business. Especially that Kogakuin car. Note how they separate their solar array from the body, it will keep the occupant of the car cooler as well as cool the array a LOT more, as it has airflow all around it. A cool array is an efficient array!! A good principle for home solar systems also.

OK, so it's not Formula 1.'s better Wink

Some links
live updated map
twitter account
Team/car info

The TafeSA entry also has 18650's, I've seen the inside of it.

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