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Wierd stuff on the internet - please keep it clean bros
i can already see where this will be going in some days...

what made me create this post :

i have an old pc, my first i ever build myself, amd a64 3k, 1,5GB ram, atm 4 drives, 2 sata 2 ide running on win 7 pro x64

while thinking about it, i did use it atleast until around 2011 myself...

you would guess right that this behemoth was meant to be on windows xp, but its dead and i installed it on this machine alone at least 30+ times. so when i got my hands on some cheap win7pro licenses this oldtimer had to be converted to at least something alive. running okay so far, just dont searh for updates, its taking 120% of the ram.

speaking of ram, here is the wierd stuff starting: i checked today what my oldy can take, 2gb, not much more than what it has, but it could be noticable. so on my search i went, amazon was of course the first site that popped on google. compelling 2x1gb ddr1 400mhz rams for 10€+ship but without a waifu. here i thought, okay some old shit laying around on a rusty dusty shelf somewhere but i couldnt be more wrong about that. there are really people out there asking questions if these rams would work with theire pc´s - in 2017, and hell might open with this - they are really using pc´s 10years+ in germany.....

with new hardware starting at 300€ they think about adding 2gb ram to an atleast 10year old machine, i bet it would still run xp, zombiexp, and now frankenstein-pimped with freshly build ram for an dead standard

Old machines are nice. I still have some of my old ones. I started on the 8086 time so that was some years back. My first actual build was an 486 66MHZ. Before that my father did all the builds Smile
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at least these pc´s have some value in playing really old games, but these semi old ones running 95-vista just have to die...
Started with a commodore 128, Its still at my moms house.
Kind of strange that you consider hardware alive vs dead based on software. Since it's over taxing the ram which makes it nearly usless why not opt for an OS that doesn't waste so much memory like Linux? My newest computer is running kubuntu eats around 1gb ram on boot and it's a 8 core 3.6ghz amd cpu with 64gb ram @ 2666mhz and an AMD R9 290 graphics card. Currently kind of wasting the hardware to just use it to watch youtube but in time I'll have a windows 7 VM setup with GPU passthough so windows based gaming etc will be possible with a 2nd gfx card for the host OS (probably another R9 290 I have sitting around)

First computer I actually built was quite late in the game but still single core era. Don't remember the specs much since I replaced it fairly quick once multi core cpu's were common and affordable. The last computer (one i'm on now) is from ~2011 and is running an AMD phenom II x6 @ 3.3ghz and 32gb ram. Not really replacing it due to age, more that the sound card burnt out and have random shutdown problems which I've diaged as an cpu/mobo issue. Also one of the sata ports was running very slow and had to swap around to get the system stable again. I guess budget (cheap) ASUS boards aren't as great as I thought before, but still lasted 6 years or so.
Commodore VIC20... nostalgia... Smile
My first computer: sinclaire ZX81 (1K RAM) BASIC only.... think i still have it. Big Grin
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My setup:
Wish I still had all my old computers, VIC20, TRS80, C64, VECTREX, ATARI 2600's, some vintage 70's and 80's handhelds (Game&Watch!) etc etc


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