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This is a BMS designed for e-bikes originally but seems robust enough for a moderate powerwall build at about half the price of Batrium.
Has anybody used one of these?
  • Series cells: 5 to 16

  • Cell voltage: 0.80 to 4.50 V

  • Cell balancing: 150 mA, dissipative

  • Charge/discharge current max: 750 A*

  • Discharge/Regen current peak: 150 A

  • Discharge/Regen current sustained: 60 A**

  • Charge current peak: 100 A

  • Charge current sustained: 40 A**

  • Interface: USART (USB / Bluetooth / CAN)
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 CyberWall #1 DC2DC 7S80P 2300mAh avg Cell #2 DC2AC 7S80P 2200mAh avg Cell LG MF1
Chargers: 1xEV-Peak CQ3 400W 4 Chan(with DIY 6S cradle allowing 4x6S1-3P) 7x Foxnovo 4S  -- 20xTP4056

I'd be interested in peoples thoughts on this too. I don't see much of anything on BMS' for single-pack systems; we need more of that because not everyone is building powerwalls and is ok spending $500+ on a Batrium setup.
What is the problem too spend 500€ for a good quality hardware were safety is first priority!

I'm recycling ebike batteries and what do think what it's most common problem/faults are?

Bms failures!......., 80% off all the battlers I have recycled The cells have full capacity!
Sometimes I'm thinking that factories want too sell frequently batteries instead off a battery that will work for longer....... Or people a lazy and forget too charge the battery frequently even they don't use the bike in the wintertime?.....
Good quality and good product doesn't always mean high cost. As being discussed in the other thread (, working with good quality inexpensive parts (note, not cheap) can yield a very effective and durable product. The reason why a lot of those bms' fail is either because they were made with cheap (and I mean in the since that the materials, craftmanship, quality, and rapid manufacturing with disregard to anything else) components, or the soldering was a botched job so things in parallel doesn't evenly share the load, or it was the wrong part for the job to begin with (ie, putting a FET that has a max current of 5A and asking it to meet or exceed that 5A for prolonged times; close to 100% capability/capacity).
One or all of these could be the reason why those bms' on the scooter packs (that Jehu got started selling and are now flooding our market) failed. In several videos that showed those packs, I could easily see that some of the solder points weren't solid.

So, just because something is low cost, doesn't rule it out as effective or capable. There is a fine line between the two. I personally do a LOT of reading, checking, cross referencing, and thinking about a purchase for days before I commit to any one product (regardless of what it is; especially online purchases; and super especially for those from China or similar locations).

Joost, have you checked the components on those bms' to see what part failed? If you watch The Combat Engineers video about checking the bms', he goes through step by step process to see what parts are working and what's not. Maybe you could take those bms', replace the faulty part with a better one, and sell it for a profit. Just a thought Wink
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@Joost2, I guarantee none of those packs had a TinyBMS or any BMS over $100, so while I agree with your point, it doesn't apply here
 CyberWall #1 DC2DC 7S80P 2300mAh avg Cell #2 DC2AC 7S80P 2200mAh avg Cell LG MF1
Chargers: 1xEV-Peak CQ3 400W 4 Chan(with DIY 6S cradle allowing 4x6S1-3P) 7x Foxnovo 4S  -- 20xTP4056
It looks like an interesting product but for me only having 150 mA discharge for balancing is next to useless on any reasonable size setup
4 kw grid tied system

20 kWh 12v lead acid (don't ask) off grid system used as a giant ups for my servers and network and to provide house power incase of power failure

10 kWh 48v lifep04 with 1.5 kw of solar on a mpp5048 mppt and a flatpack2 2000/48 mains charger. Grid tied with limiter to help even out the power usage at night 
Yeah the balancing is a bit weak on it being that its designed for fresh, matched cells. I spoke with the developer about it he said it would be relatively simple to add a daughter board that'll balance at almost any current
 CyberWall #1 DC2DC 7S80P 2300mAh avg Cell #2 DC2AC 7S80P 2200mAh avg Cell LG MF1
Chargers: 1xEV-Peak CQ3 400W 4 Chan(with DIY 6S cradle allowing 4x6S1-3P) 7x Foxnovo 4S  -- 20xTP4056
That now sounds more interesting to be able to customize the Ballance current. Or at least have it be variable depending on the seperation of each cell
You could in theory have multiple daughter boards for balancing each with a set current load and be able to choose how many to use in parallel to increase balance current
 CyberWall #1 DC2DC 7S80P 2300mAh avg Cell #2 DC2AC 7S80P 2200mAh avg Cell LG MF1
Chargers: 1xEV-Peak CQ3 400W 4 Chan(with DIY 6S cradle allowing 4x6S1-3P) 7x Foxnovo 4S  -- 20xTP4056
Hmmm. Worth a closer look. Anyone have this setup?

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