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[SELLING] EU/Germany: Tested 18650s, ~1500-2100mAh
I managed to get some more laptop batteries to test so I can give away some cells from my last batch. These didn't make it onto my powerboard but I've kept them in stock for smaller projects and such.

We are not talking about huge amounts here. I haven't counted them yet, but I guess there will be around 200 cells available. All have been tested with SkyRC IMAX B6 between 1500 and 2100mAh with a maximum discharge current of 1A. Note that the B6's do a CCCV discharge so once the cutoff voltage is reached they lower the discharge current. That means the result is a bit higher than, for example, with an Opus and a bit off if you actually plan to draw 1A continuous. However it is more accurate when drawing smaller currents like most people do because the cell wouldn't reach the cutoff voltage as fast so the capacity is actually usuable.

I'm thinking about 0.30 to 0.50 EUR per cell, depending on its capacity. I will be able to ship them after reading about the rules for shipping individual lithium cells. Shipping within Europe is probably possible, tell me where you are located and I can check for shipping costs.

Get in touch an tell me how many cells you need, you can also specify the capacity range more closely if you want and I will see what I can do.

Counted them, here are the numbers:

71x 1500-1699mAh @ 0.30 EUR each
86x 1700-1899mAh @ 0.40 EUR each
75x 1900-2099mAh @ 0.50 EUR each

Quite a few of them are Samsung ICR18650-30B and are rated for 4.35V. These were still charged to 4.20V and tested from there on so they might have a bit more capacity actually. Don't know how much difference that makes though. When I found out that they were rated at 4.35V I couldn't be bothered to re-test all the cells I had already tested up to that point Smile
OT: Do you get higher with the iMax than Opus? Sounds weird because I have never gotten that. The opus generally gives 10% above both my iCharger and the iMax Smile
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Same for me, 10% more with the opus than with with the iCharger (CC cut set to 2.8v and CV cut set to 1/2 initial current)
I never actually tested it with an Opus since I've returned mine shortly after I got it. I wasn't satisfied with the build quality. However, I thought it draws the set current until the cutoff voltage is reached. And I have used other devices that do that as well which then results in lower capacity measurements than the IMAX. However, as I said, I haven't used the Opus so I just made the assumption that it would behave in a similar way. And since many people use the Opus I wanted to give them a clue on how to compare the capacites. Seems to be wrong though. Maybe I take a further look into this.

I've also stopped using the B6's now (the fans on the B6 Mini's suffered massively during 7x24 operation Big Grin) and will process my next batch of cells using SkyRC MC3000's. Will see how that compares to other devices.
(09-19-2017, 09:39 AM)DarkRaven Wrote: ... I thought it draws the set current until the cutoff voltage is reached. ....

Yep, that's what it does.
However, it's not just the build quality that is lacking.
They report capacities that are 5 - 15% higher than real-world based on my measurements. 
Why 5 - 15% ? Because I can't get any consistency out of the damn thing, not even in the same slot.

I'm using one for initial testing (weeding out bad cells) until I sort something better (maybe an MC3000) then it's getting flogged off on ebay.
No one interested in some cells?
(09-20-2017, 01:18 PM)DarkRaven Wrote: No one interested in some cells?

I just registered and i come from Germany Bochum and like to set up a first Bank if you like to help me for first steps i have interest. 

I run a EPever Series A 40 Amp. I have also only 2 x Yingly 240 Watt poly panels. I recently did bought a Sun GTIL Version 2 but they gave me additional a RS485 what is not in normal 1000GTIL V2 with 22-60 Volt include. Also i got the chinese RS Modbus description what can be read by Google :-)

I was coming here because i search for valence batteries used. And i did install the raspery pi ISO with influx and grafana. I connect wireless with a flashed ESP8266 from the EPever and push data with socat.

So a lot of things to do for a beginner that did learn the word solarpanel 6 months before and have no deeper electrical knowledge.

Mainly i am interest in help to transfer a system when it runs to a sailingboat automation system - also all in all just small apliction.
I can not grow much because in front of house is a tree and i live in rental with a small balkon in town. This 2 panels are near the limit, maybe at least maximum are 4 possible

Anyhow just give me a mail to have a start.... best is to change phone numbers...
I've realized my method of testing wasn't good enough, so I will retest these cells before they are for sale again.

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