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Portuguese Powerwall in Poland
Great on the additions
Sorry on the Buck and Cell return currently. Keep chuggin away at it. I'm sure your return on the cells will go up, though.

And yes, the wife must be happy and convinced of the practicality of the units that are needed to be involved Wink Besides, keeping the wife in the loop of decisions helps for a happy marriage.
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Certified 18650 Cell Reclamation Technician

I just realized that this old used APC smart UPS 600 which I got for 7 EUR (!!) produces quite a good sine wave which can be used for fridge and electric motors appliances. 

So this is quite a nice surprise, and since this morning I've been using almost nothing from grid, since all my basic uses are quite below 400W.
Only very occasionally do I need to use stuff which is above 100-300Watt, and very briefly.

I just mowned my lawn with a 250Watt trimmer from sun energy.
I'm a happy camper Smile

I also was able to connect the PCM60x to my raspberry pi, and get the stats to influx/grafana:

Was waiting for Daniel to get me the pcm60.js out of that ISO he made, since I didn't want/have a SD card to burn the ISO, but started from the original node.js script from this thread and finally modified it to serve my needs.
If anyone needs it, just let me know.

These small successes are very motivating, to keep working towards the big 14s goal and a good inverter.
As i said its the same script as is on mu ISO Smile
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Current: 10kW Mpp Hybrid | 4kW PIP4048 | 2x PCM60x | 83kWh LiFePo4 | 10kWh 14s 18650 |  66*260W Poly
Upcomming: 14S 18650~30kWh | Automatic trip breakers, and alot more
I ordered the MPP PIP 5048HS, let's hope it will work as I expect.

I'm now approaching the 560 good cells mark, and want to start building the 14s packs, so for now it would be 40p.

So I'm thinking about a few ways to group the cells, and would love some opinions from more experienced users.

I think someone in here or in some video said that they're grouping by chemistry, so basically trying to build packs that have same kind of you guys think this is good idea?

So let's say that you're aiming for example for 100ah per pack, and depending on what kind of cells and how many, then each pack would have different amount of cells, but all with similar chemistry and all with same capacity. So if you build on 4x 4x5 cell holders, would still have some space left for increasing capacity later.

The other option is to distribute all the cells you have into the 14 packs, trying to get same amount of ah, either by randomly or repack calculated. Each pack having the same amount of cells. This approach seems to be the most common among the builds here shown in the forum.

Either way, I'm thinking about doing something I haven't seen anyone here doing, which is to build 80p packs but only filled with 40 cells for now (cause that's all I got Undecided ), and later will just insert more cells into empty spaces. 

I guess Simone was doing something similar, but he kept empty spaces inside the pack. I'm planning on adding 40 cells more at the end having already bus bar ready for soldering it.

Something like this:

 What do you guys think about it?
Yes, if you're aiming for a certain capacity per pack, then you will have different number of cells per pack depending on what the average cell capacity is.

Mixing chemistries is more for LiCo's with LiFePo's with LA's or another chemistry. Most, if not all, your cells will probably be LiCo's (if they all came out of laptop batteries). So, you should be fine mixing Reds with Blues with Greens with Purples with..... You get the idea.

If you're using the plastic cell holders, it'll be hard to add cells later; unless you break the plastic ears that hold cells inside. That's one reason why I'm not going to use these style of holders. Hard to change pack size; or replace a bad cell.
Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
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Certified 18650 Cell Reclamation Technician
Yay a Portuguese hacker Smile I'm a Vieira from Madeira but born in Australia .. hehe.. just to confuse things.
I'm thinking of making (just for fun and learning curve) a BMS system using Pi zeros and remote influx and grafana, which I think you beat me to it somewhat.
Just ordered the Batrium starter kit.
And the PIP 5048HS should be delivered tomorrow.
I feel like a kid on christmas day. Yey! Smile

On the other hand, my 18650 stats still are quite bad, after 1212 cells processed.
Feels kind of frustrating to get only 33% good cells for the powerwall, when most people I read about they have the opposite: ~30-40%
 bad cells...


I tried all laptop repair shops in town, and a few electronics recycling facilities, but their prices are going up with demand. 
Probably the ebike DIY movement is also hiting hard on buying used laptop packs.
I didn't try schools or hospitals, since I don't believe that in such relative poor country as Poland, they'll have unused equipment to throw away or sell cheaply.

I still have around 300-400 cells to process, and when buying my last laptop packs I got more picky, trying to choose from the pile the packs with 6cells and capacity >=55wh, so maybe the last cells will improve a bit my stats.

I have until now payed around 165 EUR for all the laptop packs (didn't keep track of how many), and so far the calculated Ah on the good cells gives me 0.2 EUR/Ah (this is after taking 10% off the Ah, since it's Opus measured).

Considering I can buy unused cells for 0.47 EUR /Ah, I will seriously consider in the next phase (next 5kwh) if all the time spent unpacking and testing the cells is worth doing this further....or instead just buy the cells, and use the time saved on something else.
"I didn't try schools or hospitals, since I don't believe that in such relative poor country as Poland, they'll have unused equipment to throw away or sell cheaply."

You won't know till you ask. You may be surprised. After all, Hospitals have to have battery operated equipment and they must replace it after a certain amount of time, not uses. So it's quite possible to get some crash cart batteries that were only used a few times in several years.
Schools on the other hand, they are a bit more abusive with the batteries as they let them drain till they won't even power on to tell you to plug the device in. But still worth a shot.
Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
Dollar Shave Club. Best Razor I've ever used
Certified 18650 Cell Reclamation Technician
used ambulances is where i get the 8d start bats for my bus. 60 a piece and they are 6 months old.

all the defibrillators are lithium and changed like every 2 years.
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a bit of an update:

- PIP 5048HS is here, waiting to be mounted

- Batrium arrived and I've mounted it on the 7s15p test mini powerwall that has been running my low wattage stuff in the house (lights, fridge, computers) for the last 2 months.

It works great:


Now I feel a bit more relaxed about burning down the garage, and don't have to run every couple of hours and measure each cells group voltage.

- I finished processing all the laptop battery cells that I had and here's how the stats look:


These plus 200 cells unused that I bought cheaply, will allow me to build a 14s60p powerwall.

I've been soldering the cells using the glass fuse wires of 1.5A (according to Average Joe tests it should blow at something like 5amps),
and I hope in the next few weeks to finish it and put it up on the wall connected to the PIP and Batrium.

- Meanwhile the sd card from my raspberry got corrupt and of course I forgot to make any backup of the scripts I had, so had to start from zero.
So I decided to give a try to Daniel's ISO, and it works quite nice. 
Of course one has to tweak it to own's needs.

Here how it looks right now:

This shows:
- SDM120 meter connected to grid incoming wires (1 phase).
- PCM60x solar watts
- Batrium SHUNT watts goind out from OR into battery

This shows realtime wattages going around, I'm trying to get something similar to what tesla app shows for its powerwall 2 (check it out: )

But I'm still thinking about how to calculate daily and monthly kWh bars for solar,battery and grid to get an idea of what are my usages of those periods of time.

The SDM120 from grid has this ready to use, since it allows to get the total kwh.
But the batrium SHUNT and PCM do not, so probably have to use the x samples per minute that we get from them and then somehow calculate the kwhs.
You guys have any advices on how to do this the right way?
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