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Option for user's home country?
(08-05-2017, 01:40 PM)Korishan Wrote: I think Country would be a nice addition as well. Just no need to go as far as State/Providence or City. We can get that info through PM's. (note: the 's' is lower case separated by a single quote. This is to not get it confused with PMS  Tongue )

One of a very useful feature of this forum would be an ability to connect people on a local level. If DIY-ers could meet in person, exchange useful information and teach/learn from each other, sort of to create a local chapters, if there's an interest.  I definitely would be very interested.  I logged in with my FB account.  This forum doesn't fill in a location automatically.  It'd be useful on the city level, not only state or country.  The current way of editing your own profile is extremely cumbersome. It took me 20 min of browsing to finally dig it out. I suggest to provide it as a part of registration, where a user is prompted to enter is and remind him how useful it'd be also for others.  What eventually can happen if other people know I am from that town/city?  This is highly specific forum, it's not a general discussion type of site where we'd be targeted by maniacs. 

I would also suggest to add to the profile if the new person is open for mentorship to others.  Some members may want only to check information and do not interact with others.  That's fine, some, however, would love to get together and work on their project jointly.  A search mode of your members by state and city would be a vital addition.
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