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Need Help with Inverter
Tesla aka Solar City just finished up installing my 9.1 kW array of 28 (325 watt panels). To go with this they installed a Delta Solivia 7.6 TL Grid Tie inverter. Since the max AC out is 7600w I am wondering how this is going to work. I called Delta and they said this is called over sizing and is done to optimize the panels, meaning that the panels will be more efficient in low light levels. I am not sure I am buying into this idea, so at full sun I will only be generating 7600 watts and the rest lost to clipping. Shouldn't I be owed a explanation of the system, I am purchasing and not doing a lease. Here is why I worry:

Initial Design was:
23 (325 watt Panels) for 7.48 DC
2 - Delta Solivia 3.8 TL inverters (Max AC Out 7600W)

I asked for larger system that would cover 110% of my current need:
28 (325 watt Panels) for 9.1 DC
1 - Delta Solivia 7.6 TL inverter (Max AC Out 7600W)

I am worried that I added 5 panels for no gain. At agreement time I gave them a bill that showed I use 10,325 kWH yearly, they are only going to guarantee 9,474 kWH. The PVWatts calculator is telling me 11,896 kWh/Year based on my zip code. I want to get this resolved before the utility installs the net meter and gives me the blessing to turn it on and I find the system generating at 7.6 kWH. My panels are facing 150 degree south with no obstructions. Should I be asking for an inverter that more closely matches my DC input????


You're probably never going to see 100% output anyway. I think the amount you're going to gain by having the extra panels on cloudy/average days is going to outweigh the amount being lost during the hour of the day when the sun is at the perfect angle to even get close to 100% output.
Solar Setup: 9x 320w panels, PCM60X charge controller
Battery Setup: 14x 120 cell 18650 packs, 48v configuration

Recommended Items:
Opus BT-C3100, Cell Heat Shrink, 4-Cell Holders
I agree. You will never get the advertised output and it will only slip over the years. The rated output is for cold days. Hot days will lower your yield. Add a little garbage in the air and you get even less. If you could afford it, the extra is nice padding.
The problem I see is the first design they matched the DC to AC, the second design the is 120% DC to the same AC level. Should I be talking to the system designer or a gopher?

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