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Marketplace Rules:
* Use the appropriate tag when posting your thread to indicate whether you are BUYING or SELLING.
* Include at minimum the following basic information about your post: item, description, cost, location/country, delivery method, and a few pictures (if selling)
* Once your item is no longer for sale or you are no longer buying, please edit your first post and change the thread tag to CLOSED.
* The marketplace is for personal sales only. Businesses may not advertise here without approval from Peter.
* Prior to completing a deal, check the person's profile. Be cautious of users who just joined recently or have very few posts.
* Use a reversible form of payment, PayPal highly recommended. Never send credit card numbers, bank numbers, or other personal information to another user.
* If shipping items, always use trackable shipping. This will be required by PayPal if a dispute arises.
* If you are meeting up in person, do so safely. Agree to meet in a public well-lit location during normal daylight hours. If you're still not sure, a lot of times local police stations are fine with you meeting there. Contact them first to ask.
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Please direct any questions or comments to the Feedback & Suggestions forum.
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Solar Setup: 9x 320w panels, PCM60X charge controller
Battery Setup: 14x 120 cell 18650 packs, 48v configuration

Recommended Items:
Opus BT-C3100, Cell Heat Shrink, 4-Cell Holders

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