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[Forum Suggestion] A category for other 18650 projects
i have seen that there is a cateory for bikes and cars, but i feel like it would be nice to have other categories like "Solar generators" or "Portable powerpacks"

and for the sake of it, a "other projects" category Smile

Hope that i am not the only person who thinks this would be a nice addition. because i have in mind to make as much as possible powered by 18650 cells, lawn mowers, portable emergency packs, portable music players/boomboxes etc. and i do not know what category i could put that in except one like this

The "Powerwall Builds" section is really intended to encompass all 18650-based projects.
i just feel like it is wrong putting something in there which is not a powerwall, but it could also just be me that is a weirdo.
We're all wierdo's at some level. That's what makes us great at doing things kinds of projects Wink
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Although I am very new here, I agree with this.

I already have an electric lawnmower that NEEDS 18650s instead of some old UPS SLAs, plus I have a 'billy cart' that has a solar panel, 8 small SLAs and an inverter as a mobile power pack that also needs about 400 x 18650s added to it.

There also seems to be a lot of activity 'out there' with respect to vaping and flashlights.

While these other projects are not related directly to powerwalls, they certainly catch my interest, and presumably other people's also.

Just my 0.02

vaping, gah - will never be here!
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Guys, you can post your electric mower and similar builds in the "DIY Powerwall Builds" section. This is intended for any 18650 project. It is labeled "DIY Powerwall Builds" since that is what 99% of the thread are going to be, but we certainly welcome any battery project.
I hacked some outdoor solar LED lights to take some 18650 cells, but i kind of agree that i wouldn't really start a thread in the powerwall build section just for that. I could see some benefits for a separate section for small builds/hacks. Maybe even a sub section.
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(09-16-2017, 01:46 AM)hbpowerwall Wrote: vaping, gah - will never be here!

It already is, sort of. There was a question recently on using reclaimed 18650s from laptop batteries for vaping.

Man, I miss the times when you could go on google and search for something 18650 related and are NOT swamped with hits for overpriced "vaping batteries"...
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