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Electric GT Championship (modified Tesla Model S)
Long story behind this, someone didn't like the current Formula E, because the cars aren't that fast or cutting edge.

The current cars are rebuilt Tesla Model S P100D.
Which means 100kWhr battery, Dual motors (front and rear drive).
Striped interior, rebuild body which they show in one of their videos.

Have the feeling Tesla aren't helping that much with this, given how much electronics is still left in the car.

Have you seen the Electric Radical in Australia ELMOFO? In its first year is was put in the same category as the petrol Radicals in 2014. Little did they know what to expect as was able to jump the grid from 20th to the front off the line.

Here is a video of the ELMOFO at Sydney's Eastern creek in the 2014 championship. provider of battery management for lithium cells
Wheel spin much - the throttle control needed would be insane !
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There are a few other videos on ELMOFO on its website for those interested.

Elmofo radical has twice the power of the formula-E vehicles and capable of recharging within the same time the V8 radicals did their pit stop and refuel. Based on my recollection was 4 rounds within the 1 day with 1 hour turn around with another category.

On the day it was at the track I was very lucky to get a run in the passenger seat with Garth, who is an amazing pro driver. His breaking points are nowhere near where I would start breaking. Lap times of this beast are much faster than a lot of other vehicles out there. The onboard footage of my run had my helmet bobbing about all over the place. The sound is sensational like nothing else. Electric power rocks..

Strongly recommend anyone that gets the chance to go shotgun in Tesla if they get the chance whilst not this still sensational. provider of battery management for lithium cells

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