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Diy HIGH AMP charger
So in my search of a cheap power supply.

Constant voltage and current limited.

Find or wind a transformer from 110v to 16v

Bridge Rectifier, from china or make your own with 4 diodes and a capacitor, old one out of a car alternator might work.

And ohms law to limit the current.
Either resistors or extra long leads.

Jeesh, use a 12volt battery booster used for jumpstarting cars. I'm positive that would be the cheapest way to go from 120v to 13 volts.

An old school one could be purchased off Craigslist or eBay.
egam: that may be true, however, the method 1958 proposes is a more efficient version. The car battery jump starter isn't as efficient. And besides, where's the DIY is buying a premade unit? Wink
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Egam that's is more or less exatly what I'm talking about, and they are made the same way.
 I would like a little higher voltage tho, I might be able to rewind the secondary.

And the charger you listed is 55 amps, the 150 is for short burts only to start a car.
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