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AveRage Joe Show Laptop Battery Giveaway!!! Comment about your Build!!!
Hello all, I have recently retired and got started in the DIY powerwall scene to keep myself out of trouble and to learn something new. I have learned a lot from everyone here on this forum and I thank you all very much for your time and willingness to share your knowledge. In addition, I learned that one can indeed wear away the ridges from the fingertips by rubbing sticky stuff off of batteries. This also makes it a challenge to open ones iphone when using the fingerprint sign-in feature. I also discovered, just today, that you can spend 3 days making a 20cell battery charger with PT4056’s and when you accidently plug in to the 12 volt outlet from the power supply you must start over again! I digress.
I live in the great state of New Jersey. Not sure why but I do. I started by purchasing 2000 cells (Samsung/LG, 36V hoover board packs that are on ebay). From what I understand, its best to start with the inverter requirement but I have decided to build the battery packs first. I have decided to pair up cells in a 96p configuration and figure out the voltage requirement later. I will use the black plastic case holders more like a powershelf than a powerwall. I will post a better description with photos and solicit advice soon.
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Living in Kansas and trying to think ahead is a challenge.  I feel like the state is about 20 years behind other parts of the country (I'm sure AveRage Joe can relate...)
I used to live in a house that was pretty far from town.  Every time the wind would gust, my power would go out.  That is what started me down the path I'm on now.
I researched solar (too expensive at the time)  I researched residential wind turbines (too unreliable...even now)  And energy storage systems were massive expensive banks of lead acid batteries that had to be meticulously maintained.  All of this was too much for a backup.  However, it made me curious about going off-grid, and all things alt. energy.  

About this time, Chevrolet had announced the Volt.  I was fascinated.  GM-Volt had daily updates from Dr. Lyle Dennis.  I was hooked.  I looked into converting a car to electric, but ran into many of the same problems that I had encountered when I was looking into things for the house.  Too expensive, too bulky, too unreliable.  And I had the added issue that since I was 30 miles from anything, I'd need to manage a conversion with well over 100 miles of range.  The project was dead in the water before it launched.  But I had the bug.

In 2013, 2 years after GM launched the Volt, I was lucky enough to score my dream car.  I searched the country for over a year before it popped up.  A 2013 Chevrolet Volt, Cyber Gray Metallic, with black leather interior and every option EXCEPT Nav.  I hate factory navigation systems!  I bought it sight unseen, much to the dismay of my credit union.  My wife and I bought plane tickets to Pennsylvania and drove it over 1,300 miles home.  It performs as flawlessly now as it did the day I bought it.  My wife liked my car so much, that she kept trying to steal it from me.  So I did the only thing I could think of.  I bought her one!

We are now in a much larger house in town, so range isn't an issue.  We both do over 90% of our driving on electrons and laugh at those who constantly bitch about the price of fuel.  Going to the gas station is now such an annoyance! (luckily, we only have to do it once or twice a year...seriously)  Our house is entirely electric.  When we built it, I went overkill on the electrical system, I was going to get my solar panels eventually!  So I've got a 200 amp panel feeding the house, and a separate 200 amp panel in the garage.  I've got 3 50-amp NEMA 14-50 outlets ready for fast chargers.  And my panel has pretty unlimited room for solar input.  You should have seen the look on my electricians face when I told him that he had to convince our local utility to run 400 amp service to the house.  Our utility is pretty much impossible to deal with, as I'll get to soon.  The house is pretty efficient as houses in Kansas go.  It's well sealed, has good windows, and we have an air-source heat pump for heating and cooling.  The garage roof is intentionally facing south and is a blank slate.    I've estimated I've got room for the legal max of 15kW of panels on the roof...more if I get creative.  The plan was to install the panels as soon as I paid my car off.   I made the last payment last week.  So while I should be scheduling my solar panel install...I'm not.  

Because...Westar...those bastards.

They tried a few years ago to create a new rate class for hippie solar panel owning leaches who are destroying the grid and making it cost more for everyone.  It was defeated.  Barely.
But they're trying again.  And this time, they're going for blood.  They are proposing a "fair use" fee for solar customers.  $10 per kW for your peak usage during the bill in the summer, and $3 in the winter.  This is pretty outrageous.  It's not unlikely that in the summer we could have both cars charging, doing laundry, cooking, etc.  Our "fair-use" fee could end up making our bill more than it would be without solar.  This move is about one thing...killing solar.

I'm not going out without a fight.  My plan is much like Joe's.  Do what it takes to take myself and my family off the grid, one circuit at a time.

Long term, we'd like to build a house in the country again, and I want everything I build here to be modular enough to take it with me.

It's going to be a long journey,  but I've got a feeling I won't be taking it alone.

As a famous man once said "Give me 18650's or give me death"...or something like that.
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"Give me 18650's or give me death"
~Patrick Henry - March 23rd, 1775 (modern day interpretation)
In Des Moines, Ia.   I have a small solar setup looking to replace the lead-acid batteries with the 18650.   Those golfcart batteries are costly.

I have close to 400 cells now.  Using a OPUS CT-3400 and a couple B6.

In the process of building the mega charger just waiting on the power supply.

Mrs. Average Joe is such a wonderful person to put up with him.
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Hi Guys,

I'm in Pittsburgh and currently working on a self-balancing powerwall module which will do (among  other cool things like real-time temperature and voltage heatmap for the whole bank display etc) automatically balance and manage each 18650 cell individually while in circuit. The plan is to have a standard size 4x5 group of cells (usual holders) with a PCB+springs+battery monitoring etc on-board. It would help me to get a bunch of battery to test with Smile. Looking forward to share the build as I get it going (currently designing schematics and firmware for the micro controller).

Let me know if this is of some interest to anyone and I'll make sure you get the link of the videos/build.
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SO My goal for now is to be able to power my workshop, off grid. My long term goal, is to go completely off grid. This will be challenging as my air conditioner pulls like 40 amps at 240v. But I might be able to get everything else taken care of. I am processing batteries now, and I hope to get solar panels and a windmill by next summer. I live in the Helena Montana Valley so we get sun and wind, but neither are perfect.
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Just getting started.  I live in Marshalltown, IA.  Less than 300 cells collected.  Less than 20 tested.  LOL
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I live in the US. (Georgia). I am in the process of building a 5kwh Powerwall and will add more as the time goes on. Due to budget constraints I can't do it all at once. I will most likely be using a 3000va ups to start with. My cells are mostly Samsung light blue cells and I am trying to use 2000mah and higher. I will be using a plethora of 1500mah cells for a separate ups for my servers and storage equipment.

Thank you.
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I have only built an ebike battery pack using laptop batteries. I am really interested in building a powerwall but i'm not sure what it is. Maybe Lauren could tell me what it is??? lol
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Aside from my "book" post above, I think my first smaller project will be building a smaller pack with a solar panel to add to our emergency supplies.
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"Give me 18650's or give me death"
~Patrick Henry - March 23rd, 1775 (modern day interpretation)
just started breaking down battery pack got them all nicely sitting in a box 280 so fare 1100 more to break down and clean
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