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AveRage Joe Show Laptop Battery Giveaway!!! Comment about your Build!!!
This Thread will be where the Giveaway Happens!!!

One box of nine genuine Toshiba 12-cell packs (new old-stock over $100 Value) will be given away on behalf of Mike from, to be eligible for the 12-cell pack giveaway you must be a registered member on the forum and have a postal address in the continental United States. 

Post a Comment below about your past, present or future 18650 build for a chance to WIN BIG!!!  The Winner will be selected by a random number generator based on how many post's at the end of the Live Show.    Congrats Xander52 on Winning the Box of 9 Toshiba Laptop Packs!!!!

~~~UPDATE~~~ An Additional Secret Giveaway will be given to the BEST POST and that will be chosen by Mrs. AveRage Joe!!!  Congrats lewis3180 on the Mrs. AveRage Joe Medical Pack Giveaway!!!!

We encourage everyone to post but only a US address can win. Please add your country at the beginning so its easier to see during the giveaway!!!

Example:  I live in the US.  I am in the process of building a 10kw Powerwall.  The plan is to use 1400 cells in a 14s100p configuration to start.  Then keep adding as time goes on.  I am going to try to use some Smart APC Server UPS units for the inverters because I am to broke to buy a real one.  I have about 2kw worth of solar panels now but 600 or so watts are 12v panels.   Ill add solar panels when I can afford them.  The end goal is to go completely off-grid and maybe use the grid as a backup. July 16th at 7pm
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I'm in the process of building a 16kw PowerRack system.(16s-128p) Currently Everything is stalled due to design issues and other projects/life taking more control of free time. Smaller projects using sub 2000mah cells are also in the works.
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Cell progress: 2016/10/17:

Mobile PowerBox
8Kw Powerwall
Insight Parallel PowerPak
1Kw PowerBlade
PowerRack (concept)
12v LED Sconce
I live in the USA. My goal is to be as self sufficient as possible. I Will be building an 48v expandable 10kw powerwall using harvested 18650s. I'm learning as I go, y'all are really helping me out on this site and on Facebook. In the near future I want to buy a larger grid tie inverter and as budget allows I'm going to buy monocrystalline panels until I can just past my threshold on my power consumption.
Right now I'm looking for local suppliers of good used lap top batteries. My cell count is 64 good cells at this time.
So baby step one is to be half as good as Joe.?
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I live in South Carolina. I have collected enough used laptop cells to build my first 10kW powerwall. I plan on having a 50kW powerwall to match my average daily electricity consumption. I have 24 Canadian Solar panels but only installed 4 so far. My PIP inverters just arrived, looking for best location to mount them. The end goal is to limit my dependence on the utility grid.
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I live in Houston, Texas and got into building portable powerwalls in the case of a power outage or to bring power with me while I am out in the country to replace the need of a generator. So far the mini 3S/20P system with 480Wh of power is up and running, but still testing and getting an enclosure built for it. This give away would be great to build a second mini system.
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I am looking to the future of my project, I live off grid and have for 14 years now. I have a small system and will keep it that way. I started looking a 18650 way back when Jhue Garcia was building the Samba bus. I have built several small portable packs That I use for both back up power and portable power as well. My flooded lead acid batteries are old these days and will need to be replaced. I live along way form anywhere and my only source for 18650 cells are the Internet. At this time the lead acid batteries are still cheaper. I enjoy the 18650 projects and will keep looking for cheaper sources for cells.. I have enjoyed the Average Joe show and Peters was great also. I will be around learning and contributing when I can. Have a big smile to all.
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I live in the USA.
I have just gotten into the whole DIY powerwall community. I am still attempting to source some batteries, I have one source lined up, but I will probably only get a few batteries per month from that source. I have been emailing and calling around, but I still have yet to find a good source. I am planning on a 3s50p (11.3volts) pack to start out to power a small inverter during power outages, and also for portable use in the case of power not being available.
I plan to use the 3/4" sch 80 PVC to hold my 18650s, and for charging (at least to start off with), I have an Imax B6 Mini.  I hope to eventually make a 1kWh wall and expand from that. I also would like to make some smaller packs, I would like to upgrade an electric scooter I have to lithium, and explore the use of 18650s in the world of RC Models. I am trying to do this on a budget so I will be reusing materials if possible, trying to make use of what I already have, and using AliExpress to get cheap parts.
Hope you all have a great day,
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Living the sunny state of Fl, I plan on having solar electric and solar heating. My first phase of electric though is to build a 5kWh powerwall to just get me started. The packs will be modular so I'll be able to expand easily.
I'm currently only using TP4056's for charging. For capacity testing I'm going to build my own using a 'duino.
I'm going for a solderless setup of the cells to make it easier for replacement of defective cells over time. To go along with this there will be a per-cell monitoring system in place so I can track the life cycle of each cell.
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Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
Dollar Shave Club. Best Razor I've ever used
Certified 18650 Cell Reclamation Technician
I'm in Texas, the great armpit of the SW. I'm a recovering sw dev. If you send me the batts I guarantee they will not live a boring life.
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Runs with low voltage
Hey guys I'm in NYC, I own and operate an electronics repair shop, the plan is to have enough battery capacity to run the whole shop. I'm building 2 7S80P banks, one high load with LG MF1 cells 2200mah avg and one low load with harvested cells 2300mah avg. Both will be expanded with capacity after I get my solar setup which will be 8-10kw in mono panels.
Quote:~~~UPDATE~~~ An Additional Secret Giveaway will be given to the BEST POST and that will be chosen by Mrs. AveRage Joe!!! 
That should definitely be Mrs. NotAveRage Joe  Wink
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 CyberWall #1 DC2DC 7S80P 2300mAh avg Cell #2 DC2AC 7S80P 2200mAh avg Cell LG MF1
Chargers: 1xEV-Peak CQ3 400W 4 Chan(with DIY 6S cradle allowing 4x6S1-3P) 7x Foxnovo 4S  -- 20xTP4056

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