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48 Volt LiFePO4 Off Grid Sustem Update
Hey guys
My latest update on my LiFe Off Grid system and a question regarding paralleling different capacity prismatic cells.

Would love to hear your thoughts


A few random thoughts after watching you video

I would not have the + and - of the pack next to each other like that far to easy to short it out.
You could use the cellmons sticking out from the short edge of the cell.
It would be much easier to parallel them if you had the pack in one long string rather than going back on itself. Just need some short jumper wires then between the 60 and 100a cells
Not sure about the calb cell but the winston ones I have, have no need to be compressed Thats what the plastic case on each cell is for.
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4 kw grid tied system

20 kWh 12v lead acid (don't ask) off grid system used as a giant ups for my servers and network and to provide house power incase of power failure

10 kWh 48v lifep04 with 1.5 kw of solar on a mpp5048 mppt and a flatpack2 2000/48 mains charger. Grid tied with limiter to help even out the power usage at night 
Not sure how you are going to have these mounted, but I was thinking that you could have a box of some sort that where the 100A cells are at there is a piece of wood or plastic to raise them up to the level of the 60A cells. Then between the 60A cells you could put another spacer so that you can use the same connectors from cell-cell as you have for the 100A cells. Maybe you could mount the longmon on one side of the cell as you'd have the space.
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